Frequently Asked Questions

Airistar® portable air purification systems:  

Why are your products better than others on the market?

We efficiently clean more air than the competition. HEXAFLOW™, our six-stage purification process features HAPA™ high efficiency filtration media, which provides more air changes per hour than similar size units on the market. Our portability and space-saving solutions help you customize Airistar® air purification systems to your environment. For more detailed information about our product advantages please visit our Efficiency by Design section.

How do I know if the unit is working?

Many people and businesses have benefited from the air cleaning solutions Airistar® products provide. From the virtual elimination of dust and allergens to the removal of common contaminants and odors associated with excess tobacco smoke, Airistar® units have given many satisfied customers a chance to breathe easier. Please visit our testimonials section to hear from them in their own words.

Which size unit do I need? How many units do I need?

The Airistar 500 can clean rooms up to 940 square feet with eight foot ceilings while providing 4 air changes per hour. The Airistar 1000 can clean rooms up to 1,875 square feet with eight foot ceilings at 4 air changes per hour. However, the size and amount of units you need depends on the air quality issue you are facing and the size of the area that needs to be cleaned. We will be happy to work with you to design the best air purification system for your needs.

Where are your products being used?

Due to their efficient technology and portable design, Airistar® products can be used wherever clean air is desired. This is why you'll find our units being used in people's homes for allergen control, in medical laboratories for bacteria and odor management, in mold infested areas to capture airborne mold spores and in smoky bars and casinos to improve the indoor air quality for customers and employees. Please visit our applications page for detailed descriptions of the many possible uses for Airistar® products.

Why are Airistar® products placed on the floor? (Why don't you make a ceiling mounted unit?)

All contaminants in the air are heavier than the air itself and will ultimately settle at floor level. This is why Airistar® products sit on the floor and pull air in from the base of the unit where particulate levels are the highest. After passing through six-stages of purification, the air exhausts out the top of the unit and re-circulates to push even more air back through the bottom of the unit. This unique circulation pattern assures that air from all levels of the atmosphere is continuously cleaned. Please see our Efficiency by Design page for more details of our patent-pending process.

How much energy does your air purification unit require?

Each of our units can simply be plugged into a standard 110 volt outlet. Maximum draw for the Airistar 500 unit is about 2.5 amps when it is run on the high setting and costs about as much as using four 60 watt light bulbs. Maximum draw on the Airistar 1000 unit is also at 2.5 amps at 110 volts.


HEXAFLOW™, our six-stage purification process:

What is the advantage of HAPA™ filter media over traditional HEPA filtration?

HAPA™, High Airflow Particulate Air Filter media, is less restrictive to airflow than traditional HEPA media. That means that more air can travel through the filter without any loss in filter efficiency. For this reason, Airistar® air purification units can output higher volumes of air at a greater velocity than comparable air cleaning units. This higher standard provides more air changes per hour making our unit more effective in an average size room. For more information about HAPA™ filtration, please see our product page.

Do you use ozone or other chemicals?

We do not change the air by introducing harmful ozone. Airistar Technologies® uses HEXAFLOW™, a proprietary six-stage purification process, to clean the air you breathe. Excess ozone is a potential health hazard and can cause damage to upper respiratory and lung tissue. The combination of filters in our system simply strips away smaller and smaller unwanted particles until the air is virtually contaminant free. We don't change the air, we clean it. ™ Please see our product page for a description of our HEXAFLOW™ process.

What is a Zeolite filter and how do I know if I need one?

We offer a Zeolite filter that works in conjunction with our Activated Carbon Filter and extends the range of absorbency our products have for hard to control fumes and odors. The Zeolite filter would be especially useful in research centers, medical laboratories, nursing homes, funeral homes and other locations that are faced with managing difficult compounds such as formaldehyde and ammonia.


Airistar® filters:

How long do the product filters last?

How often Airistar® filters need to be changed depends on where the Airistar® air purification unit is being used. A unit being used in a residential home will not require as many filter changes as a unit in a smoke-filled bar.

Because the HAPA™ filter is protected by the other filters in the HEXAFLOW™ process, it only needs to be changed once a year for average use. The internal and external prefilters will last approximately one to two months. For a recommended filter replacement schedule for multiple applications, please see our Filter Replacement page or the owner's manual.

Are the filters easy to change?

Airistar® filters are very easy to change. Simply lift the used filter out and insert a new one. Each filter is color coded to assure its proper location in the HEXAFLOW™ purification process. The UV light bulb is also easy to replace. Please see our Filter Replacement page for instructions.

Where can I buy new filters?

In order to guarantee a quality product, we have to guarantee quality components. That is why Airistar® filters are made exclusively for Airistar® products. Please contact us or your Airistar® distributor for filter replacement orders.


Airistar® Customer Service:

How long is the product warranty?

Through maintaining strict manufacturing codes, we are confident that each individual Airistar® unit meets premium quality standards. Our extensive warranty includes 5 years for the complete assembly including the motor, and 90 days for the filters, UV lamps, lamp ballast, casters and lid grill. Please see our warranty page for complete details.

Who can I contact for help?

Please contact your Airistar® distributor for any product needs you may have. To find a distributor in your area, or for more information, please contact us directly by clicking here or calling 800-775-8006.






































































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