The true test of any product is customer use, and our customers have certainly put our products to the test resolving challenging air quality issues. Here's what Environmental Consultants, Healthcare professionals and others who have benefited from the use of Airistar® products have to say:

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Casino / Gaming / Cigar Shops

“We currently use Airistar® units throughout our casino floor and in our bingo area. In the past, we used commercial grade ‘smoke eaters' but the cost to maintain them continually went up. We have lower ceilings in multiple areas and with the high amount of smoke we needed to take more drastic steps. Now, with the Airistar® units there is no stale smoke odor when you walk into our casino and the air is visibly cleaner.”

Michael McLane
Casino Manager
Gold River Casino


“Many of our customers smoke and we purchased several Airistar® units to help freshen the air. We have placed them in various locations throughout the casino and they really have done a great job reducing the smoke. Also, there is less lint and dust in the air and the carpets are much cleaner. These units have worked much better than exhaust fans and other ceiling equipment we have used in the past. Airistar® is a great unit for our size casinos.”

Byron Gooday
Maintenance Director
Ft. Sill Apache Casino


“We use Airistar® air purification units in our casino for smoke reduction and there has been a noticeable improvement in the quality of our air. We change our filters regularly and can tell the units are working just by seeing how dirty the filters become. We would highly recommend them to other casinos who want to control excess smoke.”

Margrett Oberly
General Manager
Comanche Spur Casino


“We use Airistar® products in all of our casino count rooms and they have worked very well to control the dust created by the counting equipment. We have also used them in our break areas and have noticed a considerable reduction in second-hand smoke and odors. I would definitely recommend them to other casinos.”

Kenny Richard
Facilities Maintenance Manager
Cherokee Casino
Roland & West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma


“Both of the units we use work great. We have tried other companies' units and they either did not perform the way the company said it would or the filter cost too much. The Airistar® unit takes little or no up keep except for filters and the replacements cost next to nothing. Also the units do not make our air conditioner or heaters work over time, they help to circulate the air in our store. In two words: great units. They work exactly the way our salesman said [they] would.”

Ken Neumann
Cigars & More

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Medical / Laboratory

“I have tried a number of air cleaning solutions over the years, both for dust and mold, but also for airborne chemicals. The Airistar® products I tested combined these air filtering capabilities into a sturdy, compact and powerful unit. I do not believe I have encountered another product that was able to clean the air so powerfully and efficiently in both my private and professional experience. I believe Airistar® has managed to produce an excellent product that can help make the environment of our homes, offices and laboratories cleaner and healthier.”

Dr. Joseph Orgel
Research Assistant Professor
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science


“When I saw your test of one of Airistar's® air purifiers that cleared a smoke filled room in 5 minutes, I was impressed. Then a week later, I watched you as one of your Airistar 1000 units made a dramatic reduction of airborne particulates in a mold infested luxury apartment in Manhattan in a few hours. So, when it comes to the control of second hand cigarette smoke in my home, or advising a mother of a severely affected asthmatic child in a moldy home, or when I select mobile air purifiers to lease to my clients, I look to Airistar Technologies®. That's because I can attest to the quality of their air purification equipment, reliability of technical service and delivery of practical solutions to improve indoor air quality.”

Robert G. Gallaghar, PE, CIH, CHP, CSP
Applied HEALTH International, Inc.


“I bought the smaller unit [Airistar 500] for my home, because my wife loves to cook salmon, but the smell stayed for days. The larger unit [Airistar 1000] I placed in my surgical office because sometimes the odor from my operating facility could be a problem for the people in the waiting area. The units have worked well in both places and there's no weird ozone smell which used to turn me off. These units are more expensive, but considering their power and area coverage and efficiency, well worth it for my money.”

Dr. Barry Zide, M.D., D.M.D.


“We are currently using Airistar® portable air purification units in many of our long term facilities. Our primary reason for purchasing the units was for odor control and we have received exactly what we paid for – an exceptional air purification unit that has proven to be beneficial and instrumental in keeping odors out. We like the units' ability to be transported when emergencies or accidents occur and they are easy to move into appropriate areas as patients move throughout the facility. As a father of two children with asthma, I've also purchased the Airistar® 500 unit for my home. There has been a noticeable improvement in their asthma symptoms since we started using the unit. Airistar® products have made the air as it should be – clean.”

Paul Coburn
Paramount Healthcare

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Home / Office Health

“My two year old son was officially diagnosed a year ago with Asthma and has suffered from respiratory illness since he was two weeks old. I heard about the Airistar 500 through the pharmacy where I work and was skeptical that it would be helpful for my son, but I was willing to allow a demo in my home. After a couple of days I didn't believe that it was having any positive effects, so I turned it off. My child again had respiratory problems. I thought it was just coincidental, but turned the unit back on anyway. A few days later the electricity went off and the unit was not turned back on for 2 days. Once again, my child became sick. A third time, the unit was off and again my son became sick. At that point, I realized it was not coincidental and that the Airistar® unit truly made a difference. My husband and I immediately agreed to purchase the product and we have no regrets. It is extraordinary! I have noticed the benefits myself through relief from sinus headaches, plus my house is less dusty. I wish everyone could realize the benefits that Airistar® provides.”

Alexia Smith


“As a lifelong allergy sufferer, the Airistar® unit has made a phenomenal difference in the level of allergens in our office.  I can feel relief within 5 minutes of arriving at the office that lasts through the work day.”

Andi Paukovec
Telefonix, Inc.


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